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  • Mood: Tender
I don't really know what to say with this journal, but I feel that I need to praise the number seven today. So get ready for an unstructured, long, hearty monologue :iconuhuhuhuplz:

I've joined deviantart on July 19th, in 2007. I was 13. Now I'm 20. It has been now seven years that I've been on deviantART, going on it religiously. Like, on my row of quicklinks, it has always been my first link. The first website I check every day, my #1 importance website. I don't even remember an internet day where I wasn't on dA. Man, I've seen dA change so much! Ahh, if I could access my files from my deceased laptop, I would've shared to you a screen shot of my days when I first hit my 1K pagevies... Now I'm at 51.. WAIT I IT WENT UP?! JESUZ. Um, yeah. In my seven years of being here, I've loosely looked at my stuff and saw my page grow. I've only been drawing what I like and how I like. This made me become a fantastic artist. Oh boy, I swear, if I never would have been on dA, I don't even know what I would be able to do. Without the trazillions of tutorials I've read, I don't even think I'd be able to do something decent ;7; (honestly, my art classes in college doesn't even cover 5% of my art skills and knowledge)

In these seven years as well, I'm proud to say that I've met, almost, all of my dearest friends. Some of my oldest known friend (coughxokoladecoughcough), I've known thanks to deviantART, and the fantastic friends I have also had a dA, unbekownst to me. These people I know, from long a go and those whom are rather recent, have all contributed to a bettering of myself. Gosh. I would have to say that the incredibly marvelous people from Kemonomimi-Tree have been the community that have been the greatest contact I've had. And I am no way saying that because I'm a mod of the group. Everyone there are so nice and kind and understanding and accepting. I was a very closed in person, very shy and holding up a rather cold mood around me. I was afraid to compliment people, I was uncomfortable of calling people nice nicknames. Ah, but since then, I call so many people darlings, precious, sweetie and, although unphysical, show displays of affection. Would it have been years ago, without the Tree, gosh would I still be so lonely and dry in the kokoro ;7;  Somehow, with them, I've realized how fun it is to be "senpai" and how nice it is to help my beloved "kouhais". Now I don't want to sound cheezy, but I've never really felt much affection from people, but you guys have been the greatest thing that has happened to me and I would like to bless all of your faces and your beautiful souls ;3;/ Thanks to you all, I am now more expressive even in real life. I've lived a long time with a mask of "no emotions", and I'm slowly getting out of if. And it feel so much better ; v; / :heart: Sometimes I laugh vocally now!

Again, I am truly thankful to all of you people. Still, I remain a rather shy person when it comes to myself, so I still have a hard time replying to comments, such as "thank you" and "wow this is great". And truthfully, I am always so happy when anyone adds me to their watch list. All 700+ of you.  I wish I could be able to say "thank you for the watch", but again, I'm too shy to say so and I'm afraid that it would be a thank like any other from you precious people. So I give you a llama instead ;7; To be honest, when I see the names of you guys in my inbox, saying that you "faved" or "commented" a deviation of mine, 95% of the time, I can remember that you're a precious darling that watches me I hope this isn't too creepy sounding;;; You are all so precious to me. Now thanks to your support, your encouragements, your trust in me (?), I've become more confident in what I do, in what I draw, in what I say. My art now have gotten so much better, even though there is still much more improvements to be done. And I am not the only one who have greatly improved. I'm watching over 800 people on dA, and I've seen them all get better in their arts. I am always so abashed and happy and proud and excited to see artworks of theirs get so much better. When I see one of you darlings "quitting" deviantART or taking a break, I wish to help you get motivated back again, that I can perhaps help you with my supportive artist senpai speech of the greatness of arts. But again, I am way too shy and insecure of even approaching you sweeties /A\"" I know that the life of an artist is hard and scary, but once you embrace it, it's so beneficial to the soul and heart.

Now after all this, I have the confidence of doing new things with my art, make things that I before thought I wouldn't be able to do. Look at me, I'm going to have an artist table with my dear friend MademoiselleFabulous at my local con this august. Not only did it give me the courage and confidence to have an artist table, but you've all helped me, in one way or an other, to have the strength and dedication to run an actual, in real life fo reals, manga club, as well as the comic club at college. Knowing that you appreciate my ways gave me the confidence to let me know that what I do is okay and that I won't do a bad job at it. You guys have no idea how much you have all been the greatest thing to me. Man, will I be ever so devestated if deviantart were to shut down. I've grown to find the greenery of this website to be the most homey thing in my soul. I always feel at ease and welcomed here. I've seen you guys grow, I've seen this website grow, I've seen myself grow as well. This website has so much impact on me ;o;/ In these seven years, I've never gotten tired of this website.

All of you lovely sunshines are to be praised, and know that this here lowly senpai appreciates you very much ;v;

Ahh, I think I'm done with what I have to say. :iconpapcryplz:

Je vous aime tous tellement beaucoup ;u;
Ne changez pas et restez merveilleux! :iconblacksparklesplz:


Supportive Senpai Maari
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