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Hello you!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for taking time on reading this journal entry. I am sorry for my horrible horrible inactivity! All of 2014 was quite an art block. Even now I feel kind unmotivated. I realized that I am in the middle of re-discovering a new way of arting, I guess I can say? I'm seeing my drawing style to be changing at the moment, and it still needs development, but I am unsure on how I can complete them digitally afterwards, to make completed art after the initial sketch. I am skeptic of the compatibility of my current digital technique with my currently changing style. But then again, I didn't even try to mix them yet... That is aside of the point-

I just wanted to let you know about my current situation. No worries, I have no intentions of leaving dA. I actually visit every day like the past 7 years. This place is my home uvu :heart: But consider this not really as a hiatus, but like "burrowing myself deep in a studio trying to rediscover what my art is" until I find it and re-appear with cool new things and tricks to show! Though I may, here and there, submit things that are so-so or simply different than what I usually draw. I am aware of my current gallery's content, I'm proud of the "theme" I kinda got going and I don't really want to ruin it- I love it really allot! But it's a sacrifice I should be willing to make! Now- don't fret, my art won't change drastically ((at least I hope ono;; ))

Anywho, question of interactivity with you darlings~
How do you cope with art block? What are your tricks? What made you set free from this block? ovo


Yu - Kemonomimi [Updated 5/29/15] by Maari-Erein
Yu - Kemonomimi [Updated 5/29/15]

Here's a nice little revamp of my beloved serow :heart: 
During the past year, he trained and let his hair grow. That's pretty much it. :dummy::iconblacksparklesplz:


Name: Yu
Gender: Male
Animal: Japanese Serow (some sort of goat/antelope thing)
Age: 22
Rank: Member
Birthday: December 10th (Sagittarius)
Height: 6 feet
Season: Winter
Preferred method of RP: Notes, skype, forums, dA chatrooms, w/e (Warning, I make paragraphs/walls at times)
Status: Single

His right arm: One day, Yu was mountain climbing... his favourite activity! But then, at the age of 19, he somehow got his hand stuck in a bee hive. On that day, not only did he learn that he is allergic to bee stings, but he lost that arm.NOW HE DOES HARDCORE ONE ARM MOUNTAIN CLIMBING! However, to make this situation amusing, he pretends that he lost his arm in a fight against a wild bear or something. Furthermore, his nub can't feel anything.

-He's still trying to get the hang of using his left arm. He never was a lefty. Not ever since... the accident.

- He usually wears his poncho outside. You'll most likely see him in it, unless you're at his place. It's not that he's ashamed of it, he just doesn't like it when people just...look... at it as if it was an abomination :/

-Somewhat of a sporty person
-Would never raise his voice
-Calm and composed
-Enjoys company
-Ready for new experiences
-Think, then act.
-Often found daydreaming

-Respectable people
-Taking care of business
-Black and whites
-Being given challenges

-People staring at his nub.
-Being rushed into things
-People who gives up easily
-People underestimating him for his handicap

=If someone says/thinks that he can't do a thing because of his handicap, he will stop at nothing to prove them wrong.
=He can easily tie up his hair since it's all even and smooth. He can slide the hair band up without having hair clump up at the top.
=He yodels. On peeks of mountains. But no one has to know >v>
=He is cowardly afraid of bees and wasps. If one is in sight, he will seek shelter and comfort in the arms of the nearest person. He'll probably cry a bit.
=Has a nice collection of many different ponchos. It's his only item he accepts to be stylish for.
= ((tell no one, but his actual name is Yulof))((he find it lame, so he goes around with the name Yu)))

also, cuz he's just pretty, original sketch:…
and a quick study of his face /sob…

Previous app…
Year of the Sheep by Maari-Erein
Year of the Sheep
As of February 19th, which, incidentally, also begins the Pisces~!

So here's Hitsu dressing up festively!

I hope you all have a marvellous year!
An Asol nammed Aephwil by Maari-Erein
An Asol nammed Aephwil
I wanted to do a thing with sai (which I haven't in quite a while) and my hand slipped. I know it's not completely finished, but I'm satisfied with what I have now so here ovo/
An Asol is a specially created race for a pathfinder game I am playing. They live in the darkness of caves where their society flourishes. Many brave people ventures in the dark unknown to seek their extremely renowned guidance being that they are the wisest creatures out there. These creatures who can live up to 400 years are almost exclusively black haired, asides for a few rare ones whom tradition depicts their destiny to be of a grand one. Physically, asides their for their blue skin, tall and elegant forms and their constant flowing tears due to the abundance of humidity within them, they all adorn a plant that have grown with them since their birth. Theses astral flowers are sentient, where they can communicate with their wearer through weak telepathy and glowing pattern as would morse code. These beings have their unique plants latched onto them, the roots practically holding into the pores. It can be detached from them for a day or two at best- but the further the host, the weaker their communication and higher the risk of the plant's withering. Moreover, if an Asol dies, the plant dies automatically as well. As for the flower, Asols whom their flowers have parted ways with them are found to be depressed, paranoid and eternally stuck with a feeling of missing part of them.

And so, Aephwil Noimu, a young Asol of 20 year old who has been sent on a mission by her aunt to explore the world and to become much wiser. And unlike this dark and serious depiction of her, she's a positive gal who is basically a Magical Girl. She's so fun to play ovo/
SKETCH DUMP FEB 2015 by Maari-Erein
So here are some of the many many doodles I've been doing in the past month. I'm sharing with you the bests, in my opinion. Some of them are as old as last summer, up to just a few days ago.

Yay ink doodles!

So there you have, on the top, improvised people for no purpose other than to just draw, and afterwards, I finally reveal to you all a little secret; my Dungeons and Dragons chacter(s), Philonis Rhazan, a fabulous 4"8' little bard. He's such a fun sass. As well as Valentine, a strong and independant female warrior who ain't need no man (flitring with her husbando), and my newest RP baby: Aëphwil Noïmu. She's such a sweetie ;v;

I'll probably re-work some of these drawings maybe.

Everyone (except See-U) are my own original work.
Are you having trouble viewing the bottom of this sketchdump? On my firefox, it's black, but on chrome it's fine. I'm worried, are you seeing it well? (-A-;;)

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